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Physics, Chemistry & Maths by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute

Why Pradeep Agarwal Academy?

To crack IIT entrance exam, it is very important that one has a proper examination temperament and a somewhat different approach to the subject as compared to most of the other exams.

To solve the typical IIT entrance exam problems, one has to think in many dimensions as the process of formation of the question paper is pretty complex.

A very important aspect for obtaining a good rank is the ability to solve the problems with accuracy and that too at a very fast speed.

The book “Physics Encyclopedia for JEE Advanced” by Pradeep Agarwal  exposes the students to such multi conceptual problems and helps them in understanding and applications of concepts and fundamentals.

Pradeep Agarwal Academy is the best IIT coaching institute where students are personally trained by Pradeep Agarwal Sir to build the temperament and the art of facing IIT entrance exam.

Pradeep Agarwal Academy

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