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Physics, Chemistry & Maths by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute


  • NEET Foundation course for students of Class 9th and 10th

Pradeep Agarwal Academy has developed an expertise to make students absorb the fundamental concepts of Science in a very efficient manner. The analytical skills are sharpened that imbibes in them a confidence to creatively resolve the complex and tricky problems at a very fast pace.

Many students of class 10th (under the personalised guidance of Pradeep Agarwal) have completed the school level syllabus of classes 11th and 12th while studying in class 10th itself. There are also some students who have completed the entire syllabus of physics for NEET in class 10th itself.

This gives them a phenomenal edge over others preparing for the medical (NEET) entrance exams and helps them to obtain a much better rank in NEET, AIIMS, etc. This also helps them to qualify NTSE and various Olympiad examinations.

Pradeep Agarwal Academy

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