Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute.

Pradeep Agarwal

( B. Tech from IIT Kanpur )

Awarded NTSE Scholarship | Topped National Mathematics Olympiad | Received the prestigious award by Ramanujan Society of Born Mathematicians | Author of Bestselling 6 Vols of Physics for JEE Advanced

Program Director & Mentor of the Celebrated and a Unique IIT Foundation Course with a curriculum for Students of 8th, 9th, 10th that enables Students by 12th Grade get an extra year practice to Crack JEE with High Rank.


Pradeep Agarwal Academy has carved out a niche for itself in the field of coaching for IIT and other entrance exams. Its students have managed to obtain top ranks in JEE Advanced, JEE Mains, BITSAT, NEET, etc. The reason for success is simple; sincerity and adherence to fundamentals.

The focus at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is on quality education rather that quantity education. The number of batches that the academy takes are limited and for best results, the methodology, speed and difficulty level in each batch are carefully adjusted in accordance with the personal needs of students. Since every individual is different, he/she needs a customised environment which is catered to differently in different batches.

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  • To produce top ranks in IIT, Medical and other exams by providing a platform where the skills are delicately nurtured in the most systematic and efficient manner.
  • To help students succeed with amazing results by making best use of their potential.
  • To mentor students by providing knowledge, assistance and support that would help to upgrade skills at one’s own individual pace and capacity.
  • To take ownership and responsibility for their success by providing personal care and attention to each student.
  • Highly qualified and most competent mentors.
  • Innovative methods to solve problems very fast.
  • Special focus on personal attention to each student.
  • Graded speeds and difficulty levels for best results.

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How to prepare for IIT

In today’s competitive world, cracking IIT is becoming increasingly difficult. Competition is increasing day by day and to get an edge over ever-increasing competition, students in the race for IIT entrance exam are starting early in lower classes.

It is seen that a student preparing for IIT is generally under tremendous stress and pressure. However, if one prepares in a systematic and planned manner, the journey to IIT can be real fun. Based on my experience in this field, I would like to offer some tips on how to crack IIT JEE (or JEE Advanced).

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Our Results

Pranay Parashar

JEE Advanced (AIR - 386)

Aditya Agrawal

JEE Advanced (AIR - 726)

Ayush Tarachandani

JEE Advanced (AIR - 749)

Pratyaksh Bhalla

JEE Advanced (AIR - 1,982)

Pranay Parashar

JEE Main (AIR - 192)

Aditya Agrawal

JEE Mains (AIR - 502)

Vihan Kapoor

JEE Main (AIR - 2,353)

Shyamal Jain

JEE Main (AIR - 2,357)

Pranay Parashar


Anant Malhotra


Pratyaksh Bhalla


Avay Aggarwal


Vanshika Arora

NEET (AIR - 20)

Pranjal Goyal

NEET (AIR - 526)

Jyotsna Madan

NEET (AIR - 618)

Shanchari Sen

NEET (AIR - 1,839)

Meghal Sachdev


Yash Kumar


Ritvik Vij


Aheli Ghosh


Pradhuman Sharma


Aprajit Mahajan


Krishan Bansal


Meghal Sachdev


Saksham Goel

JEE Advanced (AIR - 25)

JEE Main (AIR - 389)

Ritvik Vij

JEE Advanced (AIR - 140)

JEE Main (AIR - 120)

Nitish Agarwal

JEE Advanced (AIR - 182)

JEE Main (AIR - 326)

Akash Lohati

JEE Advanced (AIR - 193)

JEE Main (AIR - 364)

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    Obtained AIR 182 in JEE Advanced

    I studied Physics and Maths under the expert guidance of Pradeep Sir. He had always been a source of motivation and inspiration. His innovative methods of solving complex problems very fast using different but simple approach and his Physics books for JEE Advanced helped me a lot. I was able to complete the entire Physics paper of JEE Advanced with a good accuracy within time and obtained 114 marks out of 120 in Physics in JEE Advanced.


    ( Shri Ram School, Gurgaon )
    Obtained AIR 483 in JEE Advanced

    I joined ‘Pradeep Agarwal Academy’ in class 9th and completed the syllabus of Maths & Physics of class 11th and 12th in just 6 months time, whilst coming only on weekends. This was achievable because of the experience, methodology and expert guidance by Pradeep Sir. This had boosted my confidence and helped me to obtain AIR 483 in JEE Advanced.


    (DPS, Vasant Kunj )
    Qualified NTSE, KVPY, RMO

    I joined ‘Pradeep Agarwal Academy’ in class 10th. Under the guidance of Pradeep Sir, I got an exposure to higher concepts and problems. This helped me to cover many topics much in advance and helped me to qualify NTSE, KVPY and RMO.


    DPS, RK Puram)
    Obtained AIR 140 in JEE Advanced

    I studied Physics from Pradeep Sir. His guidance helped me in building up my concepts and developing methods to solve problems very fast. I had always been impressed by his out of the box approach to solve the problems. It’s interesting and amazing to watch how he makes problem solving so simple and quick. I got an opportunity to study Physics from the best teachers in the country but found Pradeep Sir to be class apart.


    (DPS RK Puram)
    Obtained AIR 20 in NEET

    If the aim is to obtain a good rank in NEET, Physics can become a bottleneck. I took help in Physics from Pradeep Sir. He has a special knack of simplifying a complicated problem which makes problem solving very easy. He had always been supportive and helped me immediately whenever I had a doubt in any concept or problem.


    ( DAV, Sec 14 )
    Obtained AIR 855 in JEE Advanced

    I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy in class 11th and took no other coaching. Here, under excellent guidance of faculty, I developed a potential to be good enough to achieve this rank. Pradeep sir’s way of teaching made Physics fun and interesting. His ability to simplify difficult problems to solve them very fast is out of the world. Ritesh sir helped me in Maths to open up my mind and practice difficult questions. Lastly, Chemistry sir (whom I owe a lot of credit for chemistry), I was able to score good marks in all the tree subjects.


    (BLUE BELLS, Sec 10, Gurgaon)
    Got Computer Science at BITS Pilani

    Pradeep Agarwal Academy is a hub of knowledge and excellence where students not only excel in academics but also develop many other skills. Here, teachers are excellent who teach in an interactive way to suit requirement of every individual student. Before joining Pradeep Agarwal Academy, my Physics was bad and I feared Math. The way Pradeep Sir and Ritesh Sir taught and cleared my concepts, helped me a lot. Further, Chemistry sir’s style is unique that makes classes enjoyable. In short, this institute packs you with many skills required in life.

    Pratyaksh Bhalla

    (SALWAN, Gurgaon)
    Obtained AIR 1982 in JEE Advanced

    I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy in class 9th for the foundation course. I’m grateful to Pradeep sir for guiding me through every obstacle and helped me build a good foundation. Later, he helped me in Physics for JEE Advanced. His books ‘Advanced Learning Physics in 6 Volumes’ and his problem-solving abilities were a boon to me. He had always been supportive and helped me whenever I had a doubt. Chemistry Sir also cleared my concepts, while also motivating me to outperform myself. All this helped me to get a good score in JEE advanced.


    (DAV, Sec 14, Gurgaon)
    Obtained AIR 2646 in JEE Advanced

    I studied under the guidance of Pradeep sir, Sharad sir and Ritesh sir for 2 years in Pradeep Agarwal Academy. Not only did they guide me academically but also taught me how to handle and tackle the pressure and challenging questions that come in JEE Advanced. I was able to surpass my potential and develop strong and sturdy concepts which helped me to crack JEE Advanced.


    ( DPS, Vasant Kunj )
    Obtained AIR 615 in JEE Advanced

    I studied Physics for JEE Advanced from Pradeep Sir. I referred many books but found Pradeep Sir’s books for JEE Advanced to be the best. They contain a wide variety of problems of various difficulty levels. Theory is concise and to the point supported by lot of relevant illustrations. There are a plenty of solved examples and questions in the assignment arranged sequentially in order of difficulty. Finally, detailed solutions of all problems in a crisp manner are provided which is a speciality of Pradeep Sir. This helped me to obtain AIR 615 in JEE Advanced.


    (DPS, RK Puram)
    Completed syllabus of class 11th in class 9th

    I am very thankful to Pradeep Sir for removing the challenge in difficult concepts. In class 9th itself, I had already completed Maths and Physics of class 11 and Physics of class 12 in mere 6 months. This helped me to attempt all questions of competitive exams which otherwise would have been a herculean task. The faculty at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is very focused and the focus is always on building a good foundation.


    ( Salwan School, Gurgaon )
    Obtained AIR 516 in JEE Advanced

    I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy for preparation of IIT entrance exam. I always received encouragement from the faculty which helped me in building my confidence. A unique and outstanding feature at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is the guidance on problem solving approach which amazingly improved my speed and accuracy. Obtaining AIR 516 in JEE Advanced was like a dream come true.


    (DPS, Sec 14, Gurgaon)
    Obtained AIR 2771 in JEE Advanced

    I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy in class 11 for Physics & Maths. I was under the expert guidance of Pradeep sir and Ritesh sir. Both teachers were always supportive and the emphasis was always laid on concept clarity & their application. Concepts taught were concise and easy to grasp. It was the support & guidance of teachers which led me to a smooth sailing journey. I highly recommend Pradeep Agarwal Academy to all JEE aspirants.