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Physics, Chemistry & Maths by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute

(DPS, RK Puram)
Obtained All India Rank 140 in JEE Advanced 2017

I had studied Physics from Pradeep Sir. His guidance helped me in building up my concepts and developing methods to solve problems very fast.

Obtained All India Rank 182 in JEE Advanced 2013

I studied Physics and Maths under the expert guidance of Pradeep Sir. He had always been a source of motivation and inspiration. His innovative methods of solving complex problems very fast using different but simple approach helped me to complete the entire IIT paper within time. I obtained 114 marks out of 120 in Physics in JEE Advanced.

Harshit Srivastava
( Shri Ram School, Gurgaon )
Obtained All India Rank 483 in JEE Advanced 2018

I joined ‘Pradeep Agarwal Academy’ in class 9th and completed the syllabus of Maths & Physics of class 11th and 12th in just 6 months time, whilst coming only on weekends. This was achievable because of the experience, methodology and expert guidance by Pradeep Sir. This had boosted my confidence and helped me to obtain 108 marks out of 120 in Physics in JEE Advanced.

Krishan Bansal
( DAV, Sec 14 )
Obtained All India Rank 855 in JEE Advanced 2018

I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy in class 11th and took no other coaching. Here, under excellent guidance of faculty, majorly Sharad sir (whom I owe a lot of credit for chemistry), I developed potential to be good enough to achieve this rank. Pradeep sir’s way of teaching made physics fun and interesting. Also, Ritesh sir helped me in maths to open up my mind and practice difficult questions.

(DPS RK Puram)
Obtained AIR 34 in AIIMS 2017 & AIR 20 in NEET 2017

I received help in Physics from Pradeep Sir. He had always been supportive and helped me immediately whenever I had a doubt in any concept or problem.

( Salwan School, Gurgaon )
Obtained All India Rank 516 in JEE Advanced 2016

I joined Pradeep Agarwal Academy for preparation of IIT entrance exam. I always received encouragement from the faculty which helped me in building my confidence. A unique and outstanding feature at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is the guidance on problem solving approach which amazingly improved my speed and accuracy. Obtaining AIR 516 in JEE Advanced was like a dream come true.

(DPS, Vasant Kunj )
Qualified NTSE, KVPY, RMO.

I joined ‘Pradeep Agarwal Academy’ in class 10th. Under the guidance of Pradeep Sir, I got an exposure to higher concepts and problems. This helped me to cover many topics much in advance and helped me to qualify NTSE, KVPY and RMO.

( DPS, Vasant Kunj )
Obtained All India Rank 615 in JEE Advanced 2016

I had studied Physics for IIT JEE from Pradeep Sir. Under his guidance, I was able to understand concepts of Physics in a really efficient and clear manner. His book, Physics Encyclopedia, contains a wide variety of problems of various difficulty level which helped me to obtain AIR 615 in JEE Advanced.

(DPS, RK Puram)
Completed syllabus of class 11th in class 9th

I am very thankful to Pradeep Sir for removing the challenge in difficult concepts. Sometimes, length of question doesn’t matter. Very often, the answers are simple and hidden in the statement itself. I am still in class nine but have already completed Maths and Physics of class 11, Physics of class 12 and Chemistry of 10th standard in mere 6 months. This has helped me to attempt all questions of competitive exams which otherwise would have been an herculean task. The faculty at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is very focused and the focus is on building good foundation.

Pradeep Agarwal Academy

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