Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute.

Pradeep Agarwal Academy boasts a team of highly talented, skilled, and experienced IITians who are among the most sought-after mentors in the country. Our main focus is on providing quality education that prioritizes the success of our students over the number of students we teach.

Our faculty members are not only committed and passionate about teaching, but they also take personal responsibility for the success of each student. They are available to guide and counsel students whenever required. In addition to their vast knowledge and experience, they are approachable, congenial, good communicators, and good listeners.

We have created a culture that encourages students to freely share their doubts and problems with us. Our team members are always eager to help, inspire and motivate students. Our faculty members have developed a unique expertise that allows them to solve even the most complex problems quickly and accurately. This sets them apart from others and has earned them the reputation of being the best faculty in the country.

We welcome students and parents to visit our academy and interact with our current students to see the first hand difference our faculty and culture make.



Pradeep Agarwal, popularly known as ‘Pradeep Sir’ to his students is an academician who studied in IIT Kanpur (1983-87) and had secured rank among toppers in IIT JEE. He is author of Physics books for JEE Advanced (in 6 volumes) and a recipient of various scholastic achievements while he was a student.

  • He received the NTSE Scholarshipat a time when a small number of students used to get it.
  • He topped in the National Mathematics Olympiad.
  • He received the prestigious award by Ramanujan Society of Born Mathematicians

Pradeep Sir had always been deeply interested in solving mathematical puzzles. In early eighties, when Rubik cube puzzle was invented, its fever had gripped the entire world. Solving this puzzle was considered to be a challenge which at that time only a very few in the world were able to solve. Pradeep Agarwal, then only 16 years of age developed a unique method which helped him to solve the great Rubik cube puzzle in under 30 seconds. 

During his college days at IIT Kanpur, he used to play Bridge and has been an ardent lover of the game. At the age of 21 years, he had topped in the Bombay open Bridge tournament.

For over 13 years, Pradeep Sir worked in corporate sector but his heart and passion had always been in academics and felt the need for deeper analysis of seemingly difficult concepts to explain them in a manner that is easy to understand. Having closely seen the growing competition during the past 20 years, he undertook Research in Physics with a focus on presenting complex topics in a simple and efficient manner.

He developed an interest to revolutionise the existing pattern of study (by making a student learn quickly in the most efficient manner) when his own children were preparing for JEE. Observing lack of any credible Institute(s) that give Concept based Teaching curriculum, Pradeep Sir pioneered IIT Foundation program – a unique course that prepares students to develop strong Conceptual learning giving them a head start in their pursuit of a high rank at JEE.

Pradeep Sir strongly feels that Lesser the age Better is the grasping ability. Young minds just need proper guidance with learning in a stress-free environment while enjoying every moment of their learning process. This is the Mantra he had conviction in and he experimented it with both of his children: his son and daughter who finally obtained rank among toppers in JEE Advanced and that too while spending a good time in sports and other curricular activities.

Pradeep Sir is very particular about the following

  • It is the quality rather than quantity that is more important. The student needs to build efficiency so that a 10 hours job is done in say 4 hours. This can be inculcated by systematic learning with a calm mind not by doing things hurriedly but being slow and following a sound approach.
  • A teacher’s job is to just guide the student by ensuring that he makes his own effort to analyse and do his own research to build concepts with doubts getting clarified as they arise.
  • Every individual is different and has his own pace of learning. When it comes to the application of concepts and mathematics involved in advanced level problems, the student may need a customised environment. It is the teacher who has to create a methodology to ensure that each and every student has understood.

Through his years of research, he developed an expertise to make students study with speed and efficiency. Many students of class 8th, 9th and 10th under his guidance have completed the entire syllabus of classes 11th and 12th. Some students have also completed most of the portions of IIT syllabus and have developed skill to solve IIT problems of highest complexity while in class 10th itself.

Pradeep Sir is passionate about students bringing problems whose solution in the books is given using long method. He loves to guide them on how to solve the same problems in less time using alternative but simple approach.