Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics by IIT toppers and the best faculty of national repute.

IIT Foundation Course Where young minds meet opportunity

IIT Foundation, a stepping stone program for students of 8th, 9th and 10th to crack JEE Advanced with High Rank

  • Inception IIT Foundation course pioneered by Pradeep Agarwal Sir is unique and the only program of its kind in the country. Pradeep Sir had a conviction that young minds can grasp faster if they receive proper guidance. He started IIT Foundation in the year 2009 with only 2 students when his own son entered class 9. Finally, both did extremely well and were among toppers in JEE Advanced in 2013
  • Children – Pradeep Sir’s own son after undergoing the IIT Foundation program had topped in the country in Physics in JEE Advanced paper. Later, in the year 2016, his own daughter, who followed the same regime, was also among toppers in the country in JEE Advanced paper.
  • Stepping stone – IIT Foundation is a stepping stone program designed for the students of class 8th, 9th, and 10th who aspire to crack the IIT entrance exam (JEE Advanced) with a high rank. JEE Advanced is the entrance exam for admission to India’s prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), which are renowned for their high-quality education and research in engineering and technology.
  • Faculty – The IIT Foundation course at Pradeep Agarwal Academy is mentored and classes are taken personally by Pradeep Sir. Later, for JEE Advanced batches (of classes 11th and 12th), Pradeep Sir takes Physics whereas Maths and Chemistry are taken by other renowned faculty members who also are among the best in the country.

Pradeep Sir’s profile

  • Author of Books – Pradeep Sir is author of Advanced Physics books (in 6 volumes) for IIT entrance exam.
  • Education – He schooled in Delhi, secured high rank in IIT JEE and completed B. Tech from IIT Kanpur in 1987.
  • Awards – He was awarded NTSE Scholarship. He topped the National Mathematics Olympiad and received the prestigious award by Ramanujan Society of Born Mathematicians.
  • Experience – After a decade of working in corporate sector, he found his Life Purpose in the year 2000, and now for the past 23 years, he is teaching students and helping them to reach their academic potential.

Pradeep Sir’s approach and belief system

  • Young minds can grasp faster if they receive proper guidance. He started IIT Foundation program in the year 2009 with only 2 students when his own son entered class 9. Finally, both did extremely well and were among toppers in JEE Advanced in 2013.
  • It is the quality rather than quantity that is more important. The student needs to build efficiency so that a 10 hours job is done in say 4 hours. This can be inculcated by systematic learning with a calm mind not by doing things hurriedly but being slow and following a sound approach.
  • A teacher’s job is to ensure student’s own effort to analyze concepts. It is the job of the teacher to make sure that the student does his own research to build concepts with doubts getting clarified as they arise.
  • Every individual is different and has his own pace of learning. When it comes to the application of concepts and mathematics involved in advanced level problems, the student may need a customized environment. It is the teacher who has to create a methodology to ensure that each and every student has understood.

Pradeep Sir’s years of research and how it helped his students

  • Assimilation of fundamental concepts at a fast pace – Pradeep Sir, through his years of research has developed an expertise to make students absorb the fundamental concepts of Science and Mathematics in a very efficient manner. The analytical skills are sharpened and the students gain confidence to creatively resolve complex and tricky problems at a very fast pace.
  • Enjoying the learning process – Many students of class 8th, 9th and 10th at Pradeep Agarwal Academy have already completed the NCERT syllabus of classes 11th and 12th and that too by enjoying every moment of their learning process.
  • Strong foundation – These students now already have a very strong foundation to excel and undoubtedly be among toppers in various competitive exams that they would face in future. Few students while in class 10th itself, have even completed many portions of IIT syllabus, and have already attained the confidence and skill to solve IIT problems of highest complexity level.
  • Other exams – This also helps them to qualify the coveted KVPY, NTSE and various Olympiad examinations.

Methodology followed by Pradeep Sir

  • Individual treatmentThe methodology in IIT foundation batch is to treat every student individually and this methodology is delicately nurtured in the most systematic and efficient manner according to one’s individual need. Whether the student is a fast learner or slow, he or she easily adapts to a certain methodology of learning if the exposure to knowledge is given in a scientific manner.
  • Online/Offline – Both online and offline courses are available for the IIT Foundation program taken by Pradeep Sir. Though offline course is available only in Gurgaon, the students of other cities and remote places can also take benefit of this unique program. Students, who at other institutes who might have a bad prior experience of online classes must try online classes taken by Pradeep Sir. They will surely find them interesting, interactive, easy to understand and as good as offline classes.
  • Responsibility Once a student is selected for the IIT Foundation program, Pradeep Sir take personal responsibility in ensuring that the student has grasped the concepts well (while enjoying the process with absolutely no pressure) and is able to apply them for solving intricate problems.
  • Limited batches The classes for the IIT Foundation batch is taken personally by Pradeep Sir and the policy is to take only limited number of batches.

Key benefits of the IIT Foundation program taught by Pradeep Sir

  • Early start– With increasing competition, there is a lot of pressure on students who start JEE Advanced preparation in class 11. So, the students in the race for IIT entrance exam are advised to start early in lower classes. The IIT Foundation program provides an opportunity for students to start early while enjoying every moment of learning process and get a head start that helps them crack JEE Advanced with ease.
  • Comprehensive curriculumThe program covers the NCERT syllabus of mathematics and physics of classes 11 and 12. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter that helps students to develop a strong foundation in these subjects. Many students in class 9th have already completed the NCERT syllabus of classes 11th and 12th in just one year time.
  • Focus on concept building,speed and accuracy Pradeep Sir makes the student do his own research to build concepts by thinking of alternative approaches to solve problems. He also ensures that the student builds both speed and accuracy. Speed can only be increased by a better approach to solve the problem in a very relaxed manner rather than solving hurriedly.
  • Regular tests and assessmentsRegular tests and assessments are an important part of the IIT Foundation program. These tests provide students with an opportunity to assess their progress and identify areas where they need to improve. The tests are designed to be challenging and closely simulate the competitive exams.
  • Boosts confidenceThe IIT Foundation program helps students to develop a strong foundation in mathematics and physics which boosts their confidence. By the time they reach class 10th, students will have a deep understanding of the subjects and will be well-prepared for JEE Advanced (when Chemistry is also introduced). This will help them to face the JEE Advanced exam with confidence and achieve a high rank.

In conclusion

The IIT Foundation course for class 8, 9 and 10 is for the students who aspire to crack JEE Advanced with a high rank. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum, best faculty, a focus on problem-solving, and regular tests and assessments. It also offers an early head start, which gives students a significant advantage over those who start preparing later. Additionally, the IIT Foundation program is accessible even to students in all cities as well as remote places, making it a great option for students from all backgrounds.

By participating in the IIT Foundation program, students will develop a strong foundation and will be well-prepared for JEE Advanced. With the right preparation and dedication and joining Pradeep Agarwal Academy,the best coaching institute for iit, students can achieve their goal of a high rank in JEE Advanced and take the first step towards a bright future in engineering and technology.

Our experienced faculty, innovative teaching methods, and personalized attention to each student set us apart from the rest.