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Master the Art of Consistency and Focus for IIT JEE (JEE Advanced)

The IIT JEE Exam (or JEE Advanced) is the most competitive in India, and to crack it, you need to put lots of effort, hard work, and dedication into it. But is hard work enough? If this question is coming into your mind, then you are in the right place. We help you with amazing tips that help you know how to crack IIT JEE without pressure while enjoying every moment of your journey to success.

Here are 15 amazing tips to follow

1. Set your goals and objectives- Once you have decided to be in the race for IIT, the first thing to do, is to write down our goals and objectives. Then start breaking them down into smaller tasks. These smaller tasks should be tasks you can accomplish and are attainable before you decide to push yourself to your limit. Doing that leads to higher morale and increased productivity.

2. Divide preparation in different levels- It is always better to study with a step wise approach. Whenever you start a new chapter, first complete the NCERT level including all derivations that may come in board exams, then practice all problems of JEE Main level and finally practice all problems of JEE Advanced level. This will make you feel more comfortable and you will be able to complete the chapter much faster.

3. Stay motivated- The essential part of studying for the IIT JEE exam is to stay motivated. Never think that you cannot do it; always think that you can. Make sure to keep in mind what your goal is and how you will achieve it. You know that it is difficult and that dedication is required to compete in the exam, but always think about why you want to do it.

4. Stay focused- As humans, we are easily distracted. Unfortunately, during this day and age, distractions are everywhere and easily accessible. The fact is that focus is slippery and can easily be lost. There are several things we can do to stay focused while we work or study and improve our productivity. Setting a routine and forming habits are critical here.

5. Understand the nature of exam- Not everyone can be a topper. Obtaining a reasonable rank is the objective of most students. Please understand that the questions that are asked in IIT JEE exam can be divided in 3 types: easy, medium and tough. Even if you leave the tough questions but solve the others with accuracy, you will certainly obtain an amazing rank. So, take it easy and do not worry about tough problems during preparation if you do not have sufficient time.

6. Prepare a schedule and a timetable- You must first prepare a long term schedule and then a timetable that you follow daily. Please don’t make it strict for yourself, as there are more chances you’ll give up soon. Understand your capabilities and build strategies around them. Some students need less revision and some need more. Accordingly, keep sufficient time for revision in your schedule even if it means practicing either less number of difficult problems or not practicing them at all.

7. Track your syllabus and stay updated- Always keep track of your progress and syllabus to understand where you stand. Based on your experience of your preparation you had up till now, do not hesitate in revising and updating your schedule and time table for the balance period.

8. Monotask, do not multitask- This means you work on one thing at a time. This will give you better control over your task. Be the boss of your time and not let the time control you.

9. Take short breaks- Whenever you study, do it with focus and concentration, but once you take a break, relax your mind and enjoy the time peacefully. If you worry during your short breaks, it will distract your mind while you study for the exam.

10. Make notes and use sticky notes- This is a very useful technique for many reasons. Firstly, making notes automatically brings in a lot of concentration. Secondly, you generally write only after giving a sufficient thought and analysis. Finally, these are your own notes. They help you in your quick revision. Use colourful sticky notes that help to draw attention to important details and help you remember the things you jot down.

11. Work smarter rather than just harder- It is the Quality over Quantity which is more important. Studying with concentration and analysing the principles and concepts with a clear mind will bring in efficiency and you will be able achieve the same targets in much less time.

12. Speed and Accuracy- You must develop a habit of solving a problem correctly the very first time. Speed and accuracy automatically develops by solving a problem with a good approach and a relaxed mind. Solving problems accurately becomes our habit which can only be inculcated by practice. Accuracy can never be compromised with speed.

13. Keep formulae and concepts handy for easy reference- I tell students not to put oneself under pressure in memorizing formulae. Just keep them handy for easy reference. As you keep practicing problems, you will experience that with continued usage of formulae and concepts, they easily become your own property.

14. Don’t compare with others and don’t follow others- Concentrate on your studies. Don’t worry about what others do and don’t get influenced by them. Everyone is different, have different way of grasping and presenting things. Be focused on your own target.

15. Work on your weak points– If you are following your routine and doing your best but still lacking behind, then you need to choose the best coaching institute for IIT JEE that will help you work on your weak points and make you achieve your goals. If you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you will achieve your goals, as you can work smarter to make your weaknesses work in your favor.

Make Sure To Plan Accordingly

You must be aware that if your goal is to crack the exam, the competition is very high. So, you must prepare and plan your studies accordingly. To help you prepare for the exam, enroll yourself in the best IIT JEE coaching in Gurgaon. Pradeep Agarwal Academy is a renowned coaching institute that makes learning easy to adapt and understand. With the help of professional guidance and by following the above tips, it is easy for you to rank in the IIT JEE exam.